Женщина Планета
The fire and the paint shine
- No for me is more expensive than the Sun, No.
Love fills all of us with children
And manages the rhythm of all the planets.

Your warmth, I am warmed by love.
And none of us no longer trample.
Priest, the Prophet and the poet
Each will be able to recognize.

Everyone gives life and spared no time,
To catch a help and come.
Movement rhythm – and the martial Name -
Gives us Light – th chance of obtaining.

So let the shining light
Love in your eyes. For it
Life, happiness, joy and success
Absorb The Matrix – the forth Planet.

(Marina Tsvetaeva referred)
Женщина Планета

The woman was founded on the principle of the matrix. This is some structure, You can write to, Enter information, store information: the structure provides the ability to store the generated solutions, formal results. Looks so Feminine.

Женщина Матрица

Just as in ancient texts mention, that woman – This jug, Bowl, the concave surface.

While man is looking for, the formation of, extraction of information in various forms and shapes – a woman of her stores and collects. The main task of women: storage and transmission of information with maximum accuracy, accumulation of thematic linkages.

The designated functions, and special purpose woman has the relevant features of the organism. One of which is “language without bones”. That, in turn,, allows it to pass repeated information, almost without tiring. The female body has a relatively large number of nerve cells.

The woman always tends to get more and more new information, collect her anywhere (and, even, where you cannot). Which sometimes gets into a very simple circumstances, “rake” which, as a rule, then you have the men.

Sometimes a woman has such a huge degree of curiosity, that, in awkward circumstances could be the whole planet. After which she often refuses to provide assistance for overcoming the resulting turmoil. It is easier to deny their guilt and create the appearance of confusion, than take seriously to those, who came to the rescue.

Woman seeks to take that information readily available, established solutions, objects that already exist. In principle, the, in the collection and dissemination of information to women unmatched. This is the women's essence.

Because of the reasons, the woman has a very large reserve of energy. Which exceeds the stock of men. It is thanks to this woman is able to perform a lot of work. No-brainer on the results of their own actions. That may cause trouble.

When a woman gets in trouble – It seeks to more quickly get to the end. AND, If it ends with the Board – woman seeks to shatter on this Board. To thus cut windfalls from nowhere trouble. The woman is not able to live a normal life without men.

By itself,, the woman is pretty simple deceived. And it does it easily and not compulsively. The most attractive to the female mystic and magical lodges. With an incredible and not predictable result. For Example: “We will have an operation on your DNA, you will dive into the world of magic and incredible!” Bringing the 70% the body disappears, and the woman turns out to be unbelievably immersed in unspeakable slags. And if men care about their woman – They also dive for it. Thus the entire civilization makes a magical swim in incredible cinders false spirituality.

Any woman, like the matrix, contains the, it filled the. If a woman filled with love, objects containing love, information-soaked and created with love – the woman then radiates Love. And she does it very successfully. But, If a woman is filled with garbage information, scraps of inferiority – the same waste of energy it will distribute.

In medicine there is a practice of treatment of drug dependencies. Women in this practice proved to be not the best. If men have cases of recovery – in women with this problem. This is because no stability information skeleton. I.e.. a woman has a lot of energy, but there is little information stability. The women are easier to manipulate.

They are prone to quantitative work, that is, they are by nature. Accounts Department, estimates, gathering and other activities. Those that are associated with a large number of “not heavy” objects.

Женщина ПланетыMatrix, contains a huge number of forms of life, is the Planet. The essence of the feminine as any woman has the Power of the planet. Therefore it can be argued, that Woman – This Planet.

As A Planet, moving in its orbit, A woman at a transcendent energy level is a circle or a Ring.
Woman – This constant flow of Energy to the world, in which it is. The surface manifestations of the most interesting woman, because they are ready to use: You can add them to a matrix.

Woman – This matrix. Its main purpose – Store and Emit Motherly Love.

Woman you can congratulate endlessly. Now adopted by the international women's day 8 March, You can still call “Infinity March”, It corresponds to the number of greetings on this day.

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